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  • Mon - Sat 9.30 - 18.30
  • Edf. Vilamarina Lj.37, Marina de Vilamoura
  • +351 289 388 513

Cranchi Settantotto 78 ft

A new dimension of beauty

The 25 metre Settantotto is a grand exhibit, crafted with the utmost attention to detail; a concept of beauty that is both modern and classic, essential but not minimal…timeless. She has a fluid form without distinct edges, conveying a natural sense of balance. The design choices by Christian Grande – who worked closely with the Shipbuilding Research Centre- are not excessive, forced or aggressive. Yet this model exhibits the power that you can expect from any flagship. Her smooth and muscular forms are equipped to take on the sea in any condition: the perfect hull, a tall and splaying bow, and a pronounced gunwale.

Freedom without boundaries

The main deck and fly comprise large open spaces with dedicated areas for socialising and relaxing, from bow to stern. There is also an adjoining beach platform which can be accessed safely and easily. The beach deck includes a lift which can be raised, lowered or moved forward. The deck can also be transformed into an immense terrace overlooking the sea, thanks to the extra surface area provided by the teak clad garage. The garage storage compartment comprises a large space for tender and a jet ski which can be separated from the area closest to the beach used for the chaise longues.

Length 25,15 m | 82 ft 6 in
LENGTH HULL 23,26 m | 76 ft 3 in
BEAM MAX 5,76 m | 18 ft 10 in
DRY WEIGHT 57 000 kg | 125 663 lbs
FUEL CAPACITY 5 920 l / 1 302 UK gal / 1 563 US gal
FRESH WATER CAPACITY 1 250 l / 270 UK gal / 330 US gal
WASTE WATER TANK CAPACITY 500 l / 110 UK gal / 132 US gal
GREY WASTE WATER CAPACITY 500 l / 110 UK gal / 132 US gal
HULL Aldo Cranchi
DESIGN Centro Studi Ricerche Cranchi
ART DIRECTION Christian Grande


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